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Sue Jerie's marmaladeThis recipe came from a friend and I’ve been making it for about 40 years because it’s very quick and much less fiddly than the recipes requiring the rind to be very finely shredded plus overnight soaking. It would never win a prize at a show but is very tasty.

The recipe works perfectly well if you use a large saucepan with a lid on and simply cook the oranges till they are soft.


The last batch I made was with Navel oranges (no pips) therefore I took the precaution of adding a couple of teaspoonfuls of Jamsetta. It certainly set, but may also have done so without the extra pectin.

This method also works for any other citrus or a mixture of citrus.

I usually make a double quantity as we use a lot of marmalade at Sheoaks.

  •  1 lb/450 gm oranges
  • 1 pt/550 ml water
  • 2 lbs/900 gm sugar

Wash the oranges.
Place in a pressure cooker with the water.
Fix the lid and bring up to pressure.
Lower the heat and cook for 15 minutes.
Reduce the pressure gradually and remove the lid.
Remove the oranges and allow to cool.
Cut the oranges up neatly and put any pips back into the liquid.
Boil this steadily for 10 minutes to extract the pectin.
Warm the sugar in a low oven.
Strain out the pips and replace the liquid in the pressure cooker.
Replace the cut up orange in the liquid and bring to the boil.
Add the warmed sugar and stir until dissolved.
Bring the marmalade to the boil and cook steadily until setting point is reached.
Bottle when hot.