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bircher muesli and fruit juice

There are no nuts in this recipe. That’s because we know that significant numbers of people are allergic to them. Of course if that doesn’t apply to your household, add your favourite nuts.

This makes a very large quantity which if stored in airtight containers keeps for ages.

  • 500 gm barley flakes
  • 500 gm triticale flakes
  • 750 gm wheat flakes
  • 750 gm quick cooking oats
  • 375 gm oat bran
  • 200 gm wheat germ
  • 750 gm dried fruit - use a mixture to suit yourself. Sultanas, dried apple, dried apricots, mango, paw paw, pear, nectarine, craisins, etc are all fine. When we can get them we include locally produced sour cherries and blueberries as well, but these are not always available.
  • 125 gm pumpkin seeds
  • 200 gm sunflower seeds

Chop the large dried fruit into pieces of a suitable size.
Mix everything together thoroughly.
Store in airtight containers.
Serve with hot or cold milk or as Bircher muesli.