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When guests have particularly enjoyed a dish, they often request its recipe. As I believe that recipes are for sharing and many have come from friends anyway, we’ve decided to add a few favourites to our website and will add more as the seasons come and go.

Please use them, enjoy the dishes and share them with your friends.


Zucc gratin 5This recipe came from a NZ friend, where interestingly they call them courgettes, while in Australia they are zucchinis.


Rustic tart with cherries 3

Use whatever fruit is in season. I used 3 pears, 2 nectarines and a medium sized freezer carton of frozen mulberries the first time I made it but have done it with lots of different fruits since. The fruit in the photo was sour cherries. You need enough fruit to mound up generously because it shrinks a bit when cooked.


Pea and fennel soup 2

(Recipe from Pinetrees on Lord Howe Island)

You can use almost all of the fennel, including tender stems and feathery leaves. Just remove the tough core and any damaged or tough bits. A gloriously green soup!

Beetroot and Horseradish Soup

Slightly amended from a recipe by Rosemoor Head Chef, Greg Tyler. Rosemoor is a glorious Royal Horticultural Society garden in Devon. Many of the dishes served in their restaurant use seasonal produce from their garden.

apple rose hip jelly

Apple and Rose Hip jelly is one of my oldest recipes, passed down from my Welsh cousin Rhoda. She also used the same recipe, replacing the rose hips with blackberries gathered from the hedgerow in the lane behind her house - intense blackberry flavour without any pips.

Persian fishMahi-e-mast-gerdu. Slightly adapted from a recipe from Saraban, by Greg and Lucy Malouf.

We serve this with what we call a Persian salad - salad greens, lots of fresh herbs including parsley, coriander, several sorts of mint, chives, basil if it’s in season and watercress if available.

lambA fantastic lamb recipe from George Biron at Sunnybrae, Birregurra. Make it in late spring/early summer

Sue Jerie's marmaladeThis recipe came from a friend and I’ve been making it for about 40 years because it’s very quick and much less fiddly than the recipes requiring the rind to be very finely shredded plus overnight soaking. It would never win a prize at a show but is very tasty.

The recipe works perfectly well if you use a large saucepan with a lid on and simply cook the oranges till they are soft.

Anzac biscuitsAnzacs were made in their millions by Australian women to send to their loved ones fighting overseas in World War 1. That included 15,000 Tasmanians. To this day they remain a popular inclusion in school lunches and for fund raising purposes.

bircher muesli and fruit juice

Place sufficient dried muesli into a lidded container and add just enough fruit juice to cover it. Put the lid on and refrigerate overnight. 2 - 3 heaped tablespoons/person is usually enough.

bircher muesli and fruit juice

There are no nuts in this recipe. That’s because we know that significant numbers of people are allergic to them. Of course if that doesn’t apply to your household, add your favourite nuts.