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Breakfast - included in your tariff.

Available from 8.00 am onwards, breakfast is served in the dining room where guests have great views across the bay and a sea eagle sometimes drifts by. The table is set with a fabric cloth and napkins, a custom made breakfast setting in the colours of the sea, antique wooden serviette rings decorated with silver maps of Tasmania, silver butter knives and tea strainers. There are no portion packs. Butter and homemade jams are served in small bowls, coffee comes in plungers, tea in pots, milk in jugs. A wide ranging and seasonally changing menu features Tasmanian products, with an emphasis on local food. Juice is always freshly made. Serving delicious food is critical to the ambience we aim to create for our guests.

Sample breakfast menu:

  • freshly made apple and orange juice;
  • Bircher muesli;
  • scrambled eggs (free range) with parsley, chives and Tasmanian smoked salmon;
  • toast with a choice of home made preserves;
  • tea/coffee.


Walker’s lunch, $15.00/person

Sample menu:

hearty double filled roll e.g. cold lamb, chicken or ham with salad;

walnut and zucchini loaf;

seasonal fruit;

Tetrapak fruit juice or a thermos of tea or coffee.

Stay at home lunch, $15.00/person

Sample menu:

home made pea and fennel soup;

buttered roll;

fruit and home made biscuits;

tea or coffee.

Car explorer's lunch, $15/person

Winter is a great time for exploring, but many of our area’s lunch places close to take a break.

Sample menu:

  • a thermos of hearty home made soup;
  • bread roll;
  • buttered fruit loaf;
  • apple or pear;
  • a thermos of tea or coffee.

Celebration lunch hamper, $55/person

Sample menu:

  • local cheese and water biscuits;
  • mild curried chicken salad with water chestnuts;
  • a potato salad;
  • minted tomato and orange salad;
  • raspberries, grapes, cherries or other seasonal fruit;
  • home made biscuits or cake;
  • sparkling wine or an alternative;
  • thermos of tea or coffee.

Evening meals [3 day's notice required if possible please]

Evening meal, $70/person, including drinks

We are a B & B, not a restaurant. The food we serve is good home cooking featuring seasonal local ingredients, as opposed to restaurant style food. Guests serve themselves from platters centrally placed on the table for all to share. Second (and even third) helpings are encouraged. There will always be plenty of vegetables, or in summer, fresh salads. It's a shared table where we join our guests, creating an opportunity for exchange of information about what to see and do within our state. With a couple of days notice any special dietary requirements can be accommodated. These are sample menus. If, when I go to shop, freshly picked local raspberries have just been delivered, that's probably what we'll have for dessert. When a local friend can supply quinces, we may serve vanilla panna cotta with quince puree. When our garden is producing an abundance of heirloom tomatoes, we use them in many dishes. If there’s a favourite dish you’d like us to cook for you, just ask. If the ingredients are in season and available we can probably oblige.

Sample winter menu:

  • local walnuts, Tasmanian blue cheese, home made dill flavoured salmon paté, sliced Huon Valley pears and water biscuits;
  • alternatively, if it's a cold night we'll serve a home made soup;
  • beef ragout, creamy mashed Kennebec potatoes, broccoli and honeyed carrots;
  • blackberry and apple crumble;
  • wine, tea and coffee.

Sample summer menu:

  • award winning Fowler's cheese, home made salmon pâté flavoured with fresh dill, olive paste, crudités, slices of local sourdough baguette;
  • lemon chicken with oven roasted pink eye potato chunks and a crisp tossed salad from the garden;
  • home made rhubarb, orange and elderflower ice cream with a sweet fruit salsa;
  • wine, tea and coffee.

Barbecue alternative, possibly served on the deck

As above, but with several barbecued meats, e.g. home made herb flavoured hamburgers, marinated pork spare ribs, Persian lamb shasliks, spicy beef kebabs, sticky spiced chicken wings or tasty sausages from the East Coast Village Providore.

Cumin and porcini flavoured corn and Puy lentil burgers are a flavourful vegetarian option.

Salad accompaniments, e.g.

  • potato salad using local Dutch creams and roasted sweet potatoes;
  • our own vine ripened tomatoes with French dressing and basil mint;
  • lettuce, watercress and orange salad;
  • watermelon, white fleshed nectarine, salad onion and coriander salad.

Celebration packages

1 night celebration package, $410/double, includes:

Special evening meal, 1 night’s accommodation, cooked breakfast, and celebration lunch.

Sample menu for special evening meal:

  • pre dinner nibbles, as above including oysters natural or chicken liver pâté with apple brandy;
  • free range chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and Huon valley mushrooms served with green beans and oven roasted baby Bintje potatoes, kumara and onions;
  • strawberries Romanoff;
  • wine to accompany meal;
  • tea and coffee with d'Anver's chocolates.

2 night celebration package, $715/double, includes:

1 evening meal, one special evening meal, 2 cooked breakfasts, 1 celebration lunch hamper, 1 walker’s or stay at home lunch, 2 night’s accommodation.