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coles bay turn off

Whether you arrive from the north via Bicheno or from the south and Swansea, you will be driving along the Tasman Highway, the A3.


The turn off to Coles Bay is well signposted but still easy enough to whiz past, especially from the south. Turn into the Coles Bay Rd, the C302, left from the north, right from the south. There's a bright blue information booth on the corner. Copies of Information Freycinet, a comprehensive map of Coles Bay and phone numbers for accommodation and activities, are available from The Pondering Frog Ice Creamery. That's 400 metres south of the turn off. 

  • When you have been driving for 19 Km you will notice a few houses on the hill ahead of you.
  • Next on your right at 20.5 Km is Swanwick Rd.
  • Then there's a 65 km/hr sign followed immediately by another showing a car hitting a wallaby and recommending slowing down to 65 km/hr from dusk to dawn.
  • The road now enters a series of bends and you'll notice a golf course and more houses on your right.
  • Shortly afterwards on the left is our blue and yellow sign saying Sheoaks B & B 600 metres, with an arrow pointing to the right. The sign means 600 metres to our door, not 600 metres before you need to turn.
  • After 120 metres turn right into Hazards View Drive. This road sign is difficult to see, so slow right down. There's a Sheoaks blade sign under the street sign, on the same pole.
  • If you reach The Edge of the Bay Resort, stop!!! You have gone too far and will need to turn around and go back the way you came. Hazards View Drive will be the next proper road on your left. The street sign is much easier to see from that direction and you will also pass another of our blue and yellow signs.
  • Turn into Hazards View Drive then after a short distance turn left into Oyster Bay Court. Again there's a blade sign to Sheoaks immediately under the street sign. Follow Oyster Bay Court round parallel with the coast. We are almost at the end.
  • Our sign is on a grey concrete block pillar to the left of a gravel driveway shared with Waterline. If arriving after dark note that the sheoak tree beside this pillar has solar bud lights amongst its foliage. Drive down this shared driveway. Sheoaks is the low grey house immediately in front of you. There is parking for 3 guest vehicles.
  • Note that in our area many GPS's do not work. Hence these directions.