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From Launceston Airport

When you leave the airport, turn left and continue until you reach the outskirts of Evandale.


There is no need to go into the town. Just follow the signs to the A1 (Midland Highway) which you will reach in 5 Km. Then turn left heading south towards Hobart.

There are 2 main ways to reach us via the Midland Highway from Launceston

  1. Head south till you reach Conara Junction and turn left on the A4. It is 81 km from this point to Chain of Lagoons, where you reach the A3. The signpost mentions the East Coast and you pass through Avoca, Fingal and St Mary’s. At St Mary’s take the road to the right which is signposted Elephant Pass and Bicheno. (It’s still the A4, but so is the left fork, which goes to St Helens. Confusing!) The road is windy but very pretty and at the top you come to the Elephant Pass Pancake Barn. This is a bit of fun if you need lunch by then. There are amusing notices about what the elephants will do if you park in the wrong spot etc and the menu consists of various types of pancakes. Keep going and eventually you will reach the A3 at Chain of Lagoons. Turn right heading for Bicheno. From Bicheno it’s 11 km to the Coles Bay turn off. This is quite an attractive drive but it takes 45 minutes longer than the other way.

  2. Head south till you reach Campbell Town then turn left onto the B34, signposted Lake Leake and Swansea. It’s 57 km from Campbell Town to the A3, where you turn left heading for Bicheno. The sign also mentions Coles Bay at this point. It’s then 23 km to the Coles Bay turn off. This is the shorter of the 2 routes.