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Bark Mill 2016

At the northern end of Swansea you’ll find the Bark Mill Museum and Tavern. During the depressions of the late 1800’s and 1930’s many a family survived by stripping bark from black wattles and selling it to the mill, where it was crushed for use in tanning leather.

The old bark mill, a wonderful example of colonial ingenuity, is the centrepiece of the museum, but you’ll also find lots of interesting local history plus the France to Freycinet exhibit. The latter records the 1802 Baudin expedition (source of most of the area’s French names) and his interaction with local Aboriginal people. Open 365 days of the year. Cost $10.

The bakery produces a wide range of bakery items and is a great spot for a quick lunch. Good coffee too. Hours: 6.30 am - 4.00 pm.

The Tavern opens mid morning. In addition to drinks they serve well priced lunches (including wood fired pizzas) and remain open for dinner. Their steaks and sea food are very popular.

Phone: 03 6257 8094