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Devils in the Dark

Re-opening October

For most visitors, this really is as close as you’ll get to seeing Tassie devils in the wild. You will see lots, all scrapping around for their share of a staked out wallaby carcass, using their rumps to push each other out of the way and yarring fearsomely. It’s a fascinating evening.

As devils aren’t bothered by rain if there’s a free feed around, this tour can be done in any weather while you remain warm and dry inside a hide. Profits are used to provide and maintain quarantine facilities for the “insurance populations” of devils. You’ll be collected in Bicheno and returned there in “The Devil Bus”. The tour includes refreshments. This is a uniquely Tasmanian experience and not to be missed. As it’s understandably popular, advance booking is absolutely essential. Closed during the low season.

Phone: 1401 246 777
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