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Bicheno Penguin Tours

Nick Wardlaw and Paul Males saved this penguin colony from destruction by trapping the feral cats and dogs which had reduced it to a mere 40 birds. Now there are up to 700 with over 200 birds returning to their nests of an evening at peak times, from September to November, and about 100/night for the rest of the year.

We really recommend this tour. You will be in a group of only 15 accompanied by an amusing but knowledgeable guide. You observe in silence as the penguins walk by only feet away. One even walked right over my feet once! If a penguin family is occupying one of the wooden nesting boxes you will be able to watch as the chick dives into its parent’s throat to feed on regurgitated fish.

Groups are small so book in advance, providing your credit card details. The penguins come in after dusk giving you time for a meal in Bicheno first. The pub is open every night all year so is probably the most convenient place for a meal.

Phone: 03 6375 1333