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East Coast Activities

All 4 Adventure

Reserved in 1916, Freycinet National Park features pink granite mountains, white sandy beaches, wildflowers, birds and native animals. It’s stunningly beautiful.

Walks range from 5 minutes to several days. If you’re short of time we suggest the easy 20 minute Cape Tourville Circuit, designed to be wheelchair friendly. It offers views up and down the coast including into Wineglass Bay from the outside. Of course there are many more walks of various durations, often taking in beaches that are never busy, even in summer. Ask and we’ll suggest a perfect walk for you.

all4 splash

Explore the National Park with All4adventure. Their quad bikes and Polaris Rangers enable you to reach parts of the park which would take forever on foot and are not accessible to ordinary vehicles. You’ll travel at a speed which allows you to fully appreciate what the Park has to offer.

long lunch crop

A progressive degustation ….. with you in it. Brad brings together some fantastic seasonal food and wine experiences in our area or further afield.

Freycinet Air

A flight with Freycinet Air is a must if you are a photographer. Alternatively if climbing isn’t your thing it saves the effort required to see Wineglass Bay. Pilots are experienced and very knowledgeable about the area. The plane accommodates up to 3 passengers. Recommended!!

crayfish marinefarm

Giles and Julia Fisher run Freycinet Marine Farm, producing Pacific oysters and mussels. They also sell scallops, abalone and rock lobsters – crayfish.

Their oysters have a delicate briny sea flavour and are plump, rich and creamy. If you would like to buy some of the freshest shell fish imaginable call in at their shop.

Freycinet Adventures

If you are into energetic outdoor activities call in and book with the team at Freycinet Adventures. Their sea kayaking tours are a different and very special way to see our Peninsula. Give it a try even if you have never been in a kayak before. All safety equipment is provided and the guide will teach you what to do. Tours don’t run if bad weather means it would be unsafe to do so.

Wineglass Bay Cruises

Wineglass Bay Cruises operate the comfortable two decked catamaran Schouten Passage II, which can carry up to 150 passengers. It leaves from the Coles Bay jetty at the end of Jetty Road. Their office is right on the jetty. Do book in advance to get the day of your choice as understandably the cruise is very popular.

East Coast Natureworld

Not in Coles Bay we know but most guests visit at least one. Between Orford and the Coles Bay turn off are 6 vineyards, all of which produce very pleasant wines. Freycinet also sells lovely olive oil made from their own olives.

Bicheno Motorcyle Museum

What do you do when you have so many motorcycles that they have taken over your garage and that of your parents? You open your own museum of course! It’s at 35 Burgess St, (the main street) in Bicheno. Andrew Quin’s collection includes motorcycles from the early 1900s onwards but he’s most passionate about the classic bikes from the 1920s to the 1950s. You’ll find them all there, superbly restored and gleaming.

glass bottom boat crop

The cool waters of Governor Island Marine Reserve are home to lots of interesting marine life. Expect to see bull kelp, strap weed and cray weed sheltering cardinal fish, cod, boarfish, red gurnard, perch and zebra fish. 

Sea All Fishing Charters

If you’d like to catch a few flathead then Sea-All Fishing and Marine Tours are for you. Operating from the Gulch at Bicheno, they do charters for from 2 to 4 people, catering for novices and experienced fishers. What’s included?

Devils in the Dark

For most visitors, this really is as close as you’ll get to seeing Tassie devils in the wild. You will see lots, all scrapping around for their share of a staked out wallaby carcass, using their rumps to push each other out of the way and yarring fearsomely. It’s a fascinating evening.

Bicheno Penguin Tours

Nick Wardlaw and Paul Males saved this penguin colony from destruction by trapping the feral cats and dogs which had reduced it to a mere 40 birds. Now there are up to 700 with over 200 birds returning to their nests of an evening at peak times, from September to November, and about 100/night for the rest of the year.

East Coast Natureworld

Natureworld is about 5 kms north of Bicheno and is a great place for a close up look at most Tasmanian animals and many of our birds. Don’t miss Devil World interpretation centre. They’re open from 9.00 am till 5.00 pm every day except Christmas Day.

Sally Fletcher on tour crop

Passionate cyclist Sally Fletcher offers a choice of 7 cycle tours, mostly on private land, featuring visits to local vineyards and an oyster farm. She will ride with you or alternatively you may simply hire a bike and safety gear.

Bark Mill 2016

At the northern end of Swansea you’ll find the Bark Mill Museum and Tavern. During the depressions of the late 1800’s and 1930’s many a family survived by stripping bark from black wattles and selling it to the mill, where it was crushed for use in tanning leather.